Touchence Inc., ShokacChip™ Product outline

Smallest, thinnest, lightest 3 dimensional axis tactile sensor based on MEMS technology

SchokacChip™ is the tactile sensor with small-high sensitivity based on MEMS technology.
Realizing high sensitivity for 3 dimensional axis by processing 3 piezoelectric elements and locating them at 3 dimensional axis on the 2mm² chip.

Small-high sensitivity 3 dimensional axis tactile sensor based on MEMS technologySmall-high sensitivity 3 dimensional axis tactile sensor based on MEMS technology

Needs and Markets for ShokacChip™

Because the conventional tactile sensors mainly detect the pressure, additional step such as calculation of output changes between sensors is necessary to detect the shear stress.
ShokacChip™ can detect shear stress directly as one sensor. You can implement ShokacChip™ not only on the flat surface but also curved surface due to its small and thin body. The density of implemented sensors can be easily changed. Additionally, it is possible to adjust the sensitivity and feel by changing the material of exterior covering silicon chip.
With regard to the market of ShokacChip™, the gripping and tracing movement at Robot hand, which could be significantly improved by tactile sensor, is one of the best markets for ShokacChip™.
As the other examples, human machine interface at gaming and smart phone, sports simulation by embedded it into shoes, and even anti-slipping system at automotive might be realized by embedded it into tires to measure the friction force.

Type Product Feature Rated force
SP type SP22-FFC15


New small and high sensitivity type. 30% reduced dimension against TS type with improved sensitivity.
Optimized for low force range application.
Z axis 2N
XY axis ±2N
On Sale
TS type TSSI OD10 C10

p/n:TSSI OD10 C10

High productivity and temperature compensation are realized by Piezo-elements located to XYZ axis at twin beam style.
Exterior resin is made from silicone rubber. Cable length is 100mm as standard.
Z axis 40N
XY axis ±8N
On Sale

p/n:TSSI OD10 FPC19、 TSSI OD10 FPC38

FSI type with FPC. Selectable 190mm or 380mm.
Z axis 40N
XY axis ±8N
On Sale
6D type 6 axis force sensor with the same size as SP type.

6 axis force sensor with the same size as SP type.

It will be the world wide smallest.
3 axis force sensor measure the shear force and pressure.
6 axis force sensor can measure the moment (torque)on each axis.



Amplifier board

It amplifies the output voltage from ShokacChip.
Amplifier magnification is X250.
0 pont auto-balancing function is equipped.

8 ch Evaluation board

It converts analogue signal out from amplifier board to digital signal, and output it at serial communication to PC from USB connector .
Possible 8 channels concurrent .
Wireless port included (Bluetooth module optional)

GUI for ShokacChip
Display XYZ force values and Temp. gauge T value. Graphic of shear stress by allow and pressure by color change.
Data can be saved by CSV.
(1Ch display is standard)

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