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Business Model in Touchence

Make science on the future of touch as the Sensor Company.

We develop, manufacture and sell unique tactile sensors and module to the machine-human interface markets that need tactile sensors.
Providing values for customers not only through our special technology but also the speed of development realized in our own domestic facility dedicated to developing prototypes and small lot production.

Besides our original standard products, we can work on the development of customized product too.

Please contact us whenever you need tactile sensors.

Industrial - university - government collaboration model

Industrial - university - government collaboration model

Origin of Touchence is a sensor business in Satake Precision Technology (SPT), which started in 2010 by the technology developed in Tokyo University. Touchence is separated as a company from SPT, when SPT decided to add one more new sensor technology from Tokyo University in 2011, in order to bring the success on this business by procuring managerial resources more efficientiry.

Touchence is established based on the scheme of Industry-university-government collaboration, of which basic resources comes from SPT, Tokyo University contributing technology itself and two developers , and Japan Finance Corp. supporting finance.

Touchence, which comes from the special scheme expected as ideal model to recover Japanese economy, materializes social contribution by developing tactile sensors that is the key element for the evolution of consumer robots to life support and care.

Synergy with Satake Precision Technology (SPT)

Satake Precision Technology has the 70 years of history and sells screws, bolts and metal machining components mainly for industrial robot market and industrial valve market. By following the basic company mind "keep challenging and make evolution", SPT decided to enter new business domain tactile sensors due to the market trend of industrial robot which is expected to grow with evolution of consumer use robot.

New business domain Electric components (sensors) is managed by Touchence with reduced risk and compressed time by utilizing the scheme of industry-university-government collaboration.

On the other hand, SPT keeps development function to the metal business domain where is the original strong point of SPT, by the precision metal machining technology and original business networks.
SPT is going to keep challenging and make evolution not only on metal components but al so on the final goal to fuse metal component technology and electric component technology coming from Touchence.

Satake Precision Technology Co., Ltd. HP

Company Profile

Company Name Touchence Inc.
CEO Kenichi Ogata
Telephone Number +81-3-3847-9551
E-mail Address
Opening Hours 9:00 - 17:00 JST
Business Days/Holidays Business Days: Mon-Fri / Holidays: Sat,Sun, Public Holidays
Area for business All over the world
Head Office, Business Development Division Zip:110-0014
2-21-10 Kitaueno, Taitoku, Tokyo Japan MAP
Capital ¥ 9 million
Employee 4
Products ShokacSensor

Company History

Year Contents
April 5, 2011 Company establishment
July 1, 2011 A professor and specially appointed professor of the Tokyo University were inaugurated as outside directors.
MEMS sensor was added to the product line-up of touch sensors.
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