Sensor module Product outline

Original Sensor module

Sensor module with our original and unique sensors. Dedicated engineering team shall create useful and higher valued sensor module for customer. Customized sensor module requests are welcome too.

  • Soft sensor mat

    Soft sensor mat
  • Finger Mouse

    Finger Mouse
  • Thin ForcePlate

    Thin ForcePlate
  • Compact 6 axis force sensor module

    Compact 6 axis force sensor module

Custom Sensor Module

【Business records】
・Tactile measurement instrument for automotive market
・Tactile measurement grove for sports analysis
・Tactile sensor shoes
・Human model for palpation tanning
・Unique input devise

Smart SG Amp Product outline

Smart SG Amp is the small & Multifunction Strain gauge amplifier board.
3 channels of Half bridge method connections & 1 channel of quarter bridge method connection are all in one compact board.
Auto-balancing and A/D conversion are standard installation. Analogue output and SPI communication are selectable as interface.

Smart SG Amp

Data sheet

Item Performance
Interface Analog Output
SPI Communication
Built-in bridge power supply Voltage:1V±1%
Max. rated current:6.9mA
Gain 1-3ch:47.9±0.3dB(Approx. X250)
Bridge method Half bridge method: 1〜3ch
Quarter bridge method: 4ch
Gauge resistance 350〜2000Ω
output impedance 1kΩ
LPF Typ:340Hz(-3dB)
Input common mode voltage range 0.21〜1.8V
Output Swing ±1.6V
Max. linearity Differential Voltage ±6.4mV(CMV=0.5V)
Temp. dependency 2μVRTI/℃
Nonlinearity < 2%F.S.
Input Referred Noise 1〜3ch:16μVRTI
Item Performance
Stability 1〜3ch:4μVRTI
Digital communication Off-set adjustment
Auto-balancing execution
ADC execution
Select ADC Mode:(8bit/10bit mode)
Switch sleep/wakeup
Sampling time 65μsec
Data output time 30μsec
Startup time 200msec
Range for off-set 0.1V〜3.0V
Tolerance for Auto-balancing < 1%
(by Built-in bridge power supply)
Auto-balancing time 1sec
Power Supply Voltage 3.3V
Consumption energy Typ:10mA(MCU sleep)
Typ:20mA(MCU ON)
Temp. range Operation Temp.:-20 - 60℃
Storage Temp.:-25 - 85℃

Touchence Global network

Touchence concluded sales agent agreement with OMS Tech. in Taiwan and Revosync in Singapore.
Please contact with Touchence directly if you are out of those area.

  • Customers in Taiwan & China

    Customers in Taiwan & China
  • Customers in South-east Asia

    Customers in South-east Asia
  • Customers in Korea

    Customers in Korea
  • Customers in USA

    Customers in USA
Touchence Global network
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