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ShokacCube™ Applications

Game / ToyAutomobileMedicalEducation / TrainingLife support / careOthers
Game / Toy

ShokacCube^(TM) is applicable as an input device for virtual reality games. Therefore, the application can include such actions as gripping or twisting.


Enabling to sense the positions or motions of drivers by embedded into car sheet.


Enabling to sense the positions or motions of patients keeping the softness on the interface by embedded into medical bet or massage chair.

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Education / Training

Enabling to study technique with observing reactions by embedded into soft equipment or tools for massage technique training or kids education.

Life support / care

The growth market of Consumer robots used for life support / care will require human-machine contact. ShokacCube™ solves this difficult requirement by its soft feel and multi-axis deformation tactile sensin.

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