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Touch The Future.
We are creating new potential
for tactile sensors,
delivering novel and unprecedented value.
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Tactile sensors are
indispensable in the present age.

Sensors have become essential for the collection of all kinds of data. The collected data is used by robots, AI, and more.

What We Do

We are using tactile sensors to create a better world.

By commercializing the research technology of tactile sensors, making it possible for anyone to use them, we are enabling the development of tactile products.

What In Use

Tactile sensors contribute to peoples' lives.

They are the key to new interfaces that have been almost impossible to create until now. They are bringing about changes to the development of robots, medical devices, video games, and more.

Our Products

We are developing original tactile
sensors and modules.

We develop tactile sensors and develop and design products that use them.

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Original Sensor Parts

Soft tactile sensor

Shokac CubeTM

The sponge itself is a sensor, capable of freely measuring deformation in all three directions.

Compact multi-axis tactile sensor

Shokac ChipTM

This sensor can simultaneously measure the force applied along multiple axes. It's so compact, it fits on the tip of your finger.

Texture Sensor

Shokac ProbeTM

This sensor can simultaneously measure minute contact surface differences, such as fingerprints, and friction.

Original Products
Sensor Shoes

New Original Products.

We have developed a sensor shoes
equipped with the smallest tactile sensor.

We have developed a sensor shoe equipped
with the world's smallest 6-axis tactile sensor.

Touchence has a certification symbol program. We also offer discounts for products bearing the certification symbol. Please contact us for details.

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