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Touchence Inc. employs the following methods to protect the personal information of customers, such as names, addresses, and the contents of services they request.

01Touchence Inc. complies with all personal information laws, guidelines, and other regulations, and does its utmost to protect the valuable personal information of customers.

02Touchence Inc. handles customers' personal information appropriately, and only to the extent that it is necessary for the following objectives.
- Identifying the person issuing the service request, etc.
- Delivering requested materials, important information, and announcements.
- Otherwise providing Touchence services.

03Touchence Inc. has developed internal regulations and an internal management system for appropriately handling customers' personal information. It provides employees with training and employs appropriate measures with respect to preventing unauthorized access to or loss, destruction, tampering, or leakage of personal information. It reviews and revises these measures on an ongoing basis to protect personal information.

04Touchence Inc. may entrust outsourcing contractors or partners with customers' personal information for the purposes of achieving the above usage objectives. When doing so, Touchence Inc. implements appropriate and effective measures such as the selection of companies that can sufficiently protect personal information and the conclusion of personal information protection contracts.

05Personal information may be provided to courts, police departments, or other public authorities if requested to do so in accordance with laws and regulations, etc.

06In order to connect Touchence Inc. sensor shoes (ShokacShoes) to the application on smart phone, it is necessary to search Bluetooth devices at smart phone. Although users are asked to approve the access to the location information during this process, Tuchence Inc. does not collect and share the user’s location information.

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