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Creating the new and unprecedented.
Our goal is to take on the challenge of bringing research technologies to the world. To do so, we must identify value in technologies whose applications are as-yet undiscovered, apply those technologies to products, and discover whole new markets. We demand innovation in all positions, be it engineers, sales personnel, or managers. We experiment, overcome mistakes, and create new and unprecedented products that we share with the world. The process is often difficult, but offers much to learn, so we are looking for people who find enjoyment in this process.

We are working on many things
to create a better working environment

When it comes to skills, age and personality are unimportant.

Touchence works in a wide range of specialized fields. We have created a company environment in which people with different fields of specialization can collaborate to produce even more sophisticated technologies.

We have created a work environment focused on improving technologies.

In other companies, employees are called on to become managers that direct other employees, but Touchence has created an evaluation system that allows people to continue technology development. In these evaluations, technology development personnel and management are treated equally.

We support your growth through our clear evaluation criteria.

Touchence clearly defines its expectations for employees, and evaluates them using well-defined evaluation criteria it has developed based on that vision. We believe that eliminating vagueness and being specific across the board improves motivation and supports employee growth.

We link personal growth to company growth.

We communicate closely with each and every employee, linking their objectives with our corporate strategy. This produces a system in which personal growth contributes to company growth.

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Job Description

Hiring - New Graduates
* Contact us if you are interested in becoming an intern.

  • Hiring area
  • Location
    Taito-ku, Tokyo
  • Work contents
    Original sensor development
  • Requirements
    University graduate (no age limit), positions open to new and recent graduates, priority given to those who have studied robot engineering
  • Pay
    Starting from 200,000 yen per month
  • Allowances and benefits
    Perfect attendance reward, dependent allowance, full coverage of commuting expenses
  • Bonuses
    Twice per year (last year's bonuses were the combined equivalent of four months of pay)
  • Annual holidays and days off
    125 days
  • Social insurance
    Health insurance, employees' pension fund, unemployment insurance, workmen's compensation insurance
  • Bonus
    Retirement bonus system

Mid-career hiring

We hire for mid-career positions on a rolling basis. Please inquire with our hiring manager for details.

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