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Our desire: To make novel products using new technologies.
Touchence was launched by a medium-sized subcontractor.We began taking on the challenges of product development as a collaboration between industry, academia, and government, without a single engineer, because of our desire to create new and unprecedented products and contribute to society.
Manufacturing-related research and development takes time to product results, and is highly risky. For these reasons, it is often avoided, but our members were drawn together by a sense of the social importance of what we were seeking to achieve, and our high level of motivation. We have also been blessed with customers, manufacturing partners, and shareholders who shared our desire to develop new products. Together, we have taken on numerous challenges since we were founded in 2011. We will continue to experiment and create new products that change the world, never allowing our ideas to become rigid or inflexible.
Touchence representative
Naoya Maruyama
We aim to commercialize tactile sensors.

Our first decision was to focus on "touch." Touch is one of the five basic senses, along with sight, hearing, smell, and taste. Sight is widely used in the form of vision systems, but many touch-related technologies are still in their research stages. Our goal is to be a front-runner in their commercialization. The commercialization of tactile sensors will make it possible for robots to do things that only people can do now, and will enable the creation of realistic input devices for video games, VR applications, and more. We are confident that they will contribute to innovation in numerous fields, such as beauty, medicine, and sports.

We are a one-stop provider of everything from technology discovery to product creation and sales.
We use a fab-less model that specializes in technology and application development.
We use a fab-less model that specializes in technology and application development.
We identify promising research technologies and perform experimentation, even before their applications are clear, to expand their potential. Through this process, we create demand and applications and offer one-stop support for the entire process leading up to the creation of mass production-capable supply chains.

We seek to enable as many customers as possible to easily leverage new technologies by standardizing research technologies as products.
We handle everything from unique sensor development to product design and proposals.

Original Sensor Parts

Original sensor part development

We identify promising research technologies and develop new sensor parts.

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Original Products

Original product design and development

We develop original products that leverage the features of sensors.

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Order Products

Special order product design and development

We use our unique sensing technologies to meet all manner of detailed performance, shape, and other requests.

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